SONICA festival
Cukrarna, Ljubljana


The work realised at the Summer Sessions residency with MoTA and v2 will be presented at this year's Sonica festival, opening on 25 of September. The exhibition will be open from 26 September till 14 October.


Summer Sessions, v2_ Lab for Unstable Media, Rotterdam
@ MoTA {Museum for Transitory Art} Ljubljana


Happy to announce the selection for the v2_'s Summer Sessions residency 2017! Starting from August I will be developing new work at MoTA {Museum for Transitory Art} in Ljubljana. The two month residency will end with the presentation of the work at SONICA Festival (25-30 Sept).
This project is produced as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development in a co-production of MoTA and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, with support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.


Femkanje @ Digital Born Media Carnival
Share Conference, Kotor (ME)


Panels & Talks: Innovation in Reporting & Media Production, Digital-Born Radio - Audio is Back session on the second day with Femkanje talk in the garden of Marine Biology Institute, Kotor.


Earth without humans II
Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana


An international symposium, accompanied by an exhibition and workshops bringing together artists and scientist around the topics of space and the potential for life on other planets (exoplanets). Part of the 'European Digital Art & Science Network' initiative.


Open Discussion Series n°3: Organizing


An open discussion on the topic of organising with a professional organiser Iris Schlagwein and Katarina Petrovic, an artist who's practice is research based and focuses on organising information.


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SULUJ Open Studio
Cité Internationale des Arts,
18 Rue de l'Hôtel de ville, Paris


А renewed institution from a non-existent country opens its doors to the public of Paris. United in commons, artists Katarina Petrović and Nina Simonović provide rare insights into the secret society operating under the name S.U.L.U.J. The four hour decoding session begins at 18h with a commemoration to uncertainty.
Curated with Charles Garcin


Artist in Residence
Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris


The Cité internationale des arts is a Foundation recognized of public utility which aims to welcome in residence foreigners and French professional artists in Paris. Each year, more than 1000 artists, coming from more than 55 countries stay in one of the 325 residence’s studios.


Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition
V2_ Institute For The Unstable Media, Rotterdam


Young people are the innovators and change agents of society, revealing the future to us by creating it. Therefore, at the end of every academic year, V2_ takes a close look at a selection of outstanding art and design work created by young artists and designers graduating in emerging arts across Europe. In this special edition of V2’s Test_Lab you will discover which topics are being addressed by this new generation of artists and designers, and find out what their motives, positions, methodologies, and media of choice are.
This year’s graduation edition of Test_Lab will showcase another remarkable and thought-provoking selection of installations, demonstrations, prototypes and experiments.


Graduation festival 2016
Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague


From 1 to 7 July 2016 bachelor, master and postgraduate students from Artistic Research, ArtScience, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interactive Media Design (I/M/D), Interior Architecture (INSIDE), Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, Photography, Textile & Fashion and TypeMedia will present their graduation projects in the academy building at the Prinsessegracht 4 in The Hague.
The festival features exhibitions, performances, screenings, lectures, talks and much more.


8th Triennial of Contemporary Art – U3
Beyond the Globe
Moderna galerija (MG+), Museum of Contemporary Art (+MSUM), Reactor Center Podgorica


Curator: Boris Groys
In our cultural imagination Cosmos functions as a code word for the danger of the final extinction of all life on Earth, and at the same time for the most radical Utopian aspiration of universal harmony.
The exhibition presents many possibilities for the artistic exploration of the topic at hand: the connection between artistic and scientific imagination, the cosmos as analysis of sci-fi culture, perspectives of corporeal immortality and critique of contemporary technology.


ArtScience Preview Exhibition
Point of i
Locatie Z, The Hague


ArtScience Interfaculty graduating class of 2016 is cordially inviting you to the opening of the ArtScience Preview Exhibition - Point of i. The three day program starting on Friday 27th of May will showcase the works of both Master and Bachelor students as they are approaching the KABK Graduation festival 2016.


ArtScience Forum #2
Dissolving Method
ArtScience Interfaculty, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague


In light of exchanging methodologies between the two culture fronts, we have to wonder – why should science incorporate a different, less-strict method, namely that of the arts? Why should it use art to reinforce its way of working, when it is innately capable of laterality? Conversely, why should artists engage in ‘lab work’, scientific research and ‘non-artistic’ fields in general, where the efficiency and purposefulness of work is constantly brought into question?
Forum #2 Dissolving Method, aims to look into the questions above in more depth with two speakers of note who will share their own personal experiences and perspectives. Pek van Andel, a medical researcher and serendipitologist and Špela Petrič, scientific researcher and intermedia artist, both situate their practices on the fringes of lateral thinking. With them, we will inquire into methodological uncertainty, concurrently bringing in focus contingency and spontaneous order.
Moderators: Katarina Petrovic, Luke Boorman


RecPlay Sessions in Berlin
Spektrum & Transmediale


During February an audio-visual improvisation collective from the The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, will be playing in Berlin. Two live performances, just a few days apart will be performed by fifteen students of ArtScience Interfaculty.

First session // Spektrum
02-02 @ 20:00

Second session // Transmediale, HKW
04-02 @ 20:30

ArtScience Forum #1
The Nature of In-between
ArtScience Interfaculty, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague


ArtScience Forum is a series of open discussions on potentials and limitations of ArtScience practices today. Initiated by Luke Boorman and Katarina Petrovic, current students of the ArtScience Interfaculty at The Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague. The forums are devised as monthly meetings open to ArtScience department and general public. The Nature of In-Between is the first session in the series that will take place on the 27th of January, starting from 15:30 at the ArtScience Master studios, KABK.


Femkanje: Radio Mapping the Independent Scene
Zig Zag exhibition, 21st City of Women festival
Škuc gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Radio Mapping the Independent Scene is an audio-visual installation by Femkanje authors - Bojana S. Knežević and Katarina Petrović. The work is part of this years 21st festival City of Women and the accompanying exhibition Zig Zag, curated by Lenka Djorojević.
Zig Zag is an interdisciplinary exhibition displaying multi-layered relations between feminism and autonomously formed socially relevant discourses from the territories of former Yugoslavia.


Planetary Science and Exploration through Art,
European Planetary Science Congress 2015, Nantes


Planetary Science and Exploration through Art session at EPSC will showcase some of the projects that were developed by students taking part at the Space Science in the Arts course at ArtScience Interfaculty department, University of Arts in The Hague. I will be speaking about the ongoing project concerning radio emissions from Jupiter and the deflection of light due to magnetic fields.


Space Science in the Arts at Bright Collisions Symposium
TodaysArt Festival / The Pier, Scheveningen


The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) and ArtScience Interfaculty representatives, together with artists Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand and author and curator Ewen Chardronnet trigger the audience’s imagination by merging art, physics, chemistry and computer science with uncanny philosophical practices in a quest for new outerspace realities.


KABK Researchlab: Blind Spot
EYE Museum, Amsterdam


Students from various departments of the Royal Academy of Art (RAA) in The Hague scoured EYE’s film collections looking for films on the forbidden glance. One of the films presented was The Bait by Florencia Reznik, music by Katarina Petrović.


European Affairs Final Event
Gallery Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow


Group exhibition of works created during European Affairs research course organised in collaboration between ArtScience Interfaculty, University of Arts, The Hague; Studio of Electroacoustic Music, Academy of Music in Krakow and Intermedia department, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, February 2015.