EIGHTS Issue No.1

Part of my ongoing work Lexicon has been published in the first issue of the Eights magazine, Portland (OR, USA) in 2013 and the edition was showcased at the NY Art Book Fair same year. Featured artists include: David Abel, Abra Ancliffe, Derek Beaulieu, Clark Coolidge, Shannon Ebner, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Aaron Flint Jamison, Tim Johnson, Sydney S. Kim, Alison Knowles, Bernadette Mayer, McIntyre Parker, Katarina Petrović, Chris Piuma, Cia Rinne, Diter Rot

EIGHTS is a publication and an exhibition space for readings and writings by artists and writers. Concrete poems share space with conceptual writing, visual readings, and text works and writings by artists.
You can order your printed copy here [link].